Eminence Organics Blueberry Shimmer Body Lotion

The Eminence Organics Blueberry Shimmer Body Lotion is a luxurious product that is both a mixture of sweet and sensual.

What is it: Our new favourite body lotion! Although it is indeed on the pricey side, this is a tad more special then the average lotion due to the addition of mica, which provides a gentle but alluring shimmer.


How to use it: We recommend saving this for use on legs during special occasions. Apply after exfoliation and massage until absorbed. The lotion has a medium feel but can be diluted with water for a lighter sensation.

What’s in it: Blueberry juice is the main ingredient and it gives the cream a pleasant sweet scent. Shea butter is included for deep hydration and BiocomplexTM: an antioxidant booster of Vitamins A, Ester-C, E, Coenzyme Q10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Remember, a good body lotion should absorb into your skin without leaving you feeling sticky. You should be left with revitalised skin, that’s soft and nourished.

Then, there’s scent which comes down to personal preference. While we prefer body lotions with a subtle scent, others may prefer a rich perfume. This one? Well, the Blueberry Shimmer Body Lotion is somewhere in the middle.

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