Neutrogena Deep Clean in Mulberry and Pink Grapefruit

New to Neutrogena is their Deep Clean range in Mulberry and Pink Grapefruit. The four products (two in each scent) consist of foam cleansers and  daily scrubs.

Neutrogena Deep Clean in Mulberry

These come in purple packaging and use Mulberry extract. The Deep Clean Radiance Boosting Mulberry Foam Cleanser (pictured) works with the Daily Scrub to remove oil and dirt while giving skin a lift.

In addition to Mulberry extract, ingredients include Vitamin C and Vitamin B3.

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Neutrogena Deep Clean in Pink Grapefruit

The Pink Grapefruit set of products also has the foam cleanser and scrub but is more suited to those who are concerned about ageing. Cell renewal is stimulated and skin looks healthier and more revitalized.

Alpha-Hydroxy is the magic ingredient with the help of Pink Grapefruit extract.

Products which are easy to use, pop them in your shower as part of your morning routine.

RRP: $13.99 each
Stockist: 1800 678 380

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