If you have never experienced oily skin then you have got to be one of those girls who is truly blessed, and I suppose you have never had a bad hair day either…!?

However, if you are like the rest of us mere mortals and have not so perfect skin, jump on the Neutrogena train with me and try their DEEP CLEAN CREAM CLEANSER.


There are a few reasons in particular why I like this product, the first being that it is oil free and a cream formulation. Sometimes skin needs a “deep clean” but I am a believer that you can get the cleanse you need without drying and damaging your skin further with super heavy duty products and this cleanser is ideal.

The Neutrogena DEEP CLEAN CREAM CLEANSER gets right into those clogged pores and cleans them out without irritating your skin. My first impression? Fresh, fresh, fresh…and that’s one thing I like my skin to be after cleansing!

So, this little beauty smooths your complexion and has a little scrubbing action making it quite the multi-tasker. You can’t tell from looking at it that it exfoliates, but it contains beta hydroxy which is sort of like a secret scrub and dead surface cells will begone!

You don’t need an additional makeup remover (except for your eyes of course as the eye area is to be avoided with this one), it will remove your foundation and any other dirt that has made its way into your pores.

I should also mention that while this would be good for use in your early teens, the oil build up doesn’t necessarily stop just because you turn 18 so those in their 20’s will benefit from this too.

If you have oily, greasy skin, are frustrated with your T-zone or have a case of the shines, give Neutrogena’s DEEP CLEAN CREAM CLEANSER a try…it will only cost you $13.99 for 200g so it’s worth purchasing.

There are other products in the DEEP CLEAN range which are available, it all depends on your skin type and individual preference.

For your nearest stockist please phone: 1800 678 380

Have you used Neutrogena? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

2 thoughts on “Neutrogena DEEP CLEAN CREAM CLEANSER

  1. No I haven’t used Neutrogena, but this makes it sound like something I should give a go.
    Great post.

  2. I haven’t used it – YET !! but it’s on my shopping list next time i go out. Love that’s it’s oil free as the one i am using now isn’t. Thanks for the info.

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