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Paul Frank’s popular monkey Julius, along with his friends Worry Bear, Clancy, Sheree and Bunny Girl, have teamed up with Lip Smacker to create a collection of lip balms that are too cute for words!

Paul Frank are known for their cartoon animals, which adorn everything from clothing to stationery and this latest collaboration brings together two much loved brands.

The new Paul Frank Lip Smacker Balms are a fun new twist on an old favourite and come in four flavours.

lip smacker paul frank

Julius (appropriately) loves his Strawberry Banana as well as Coconut Cream, Clancy has a soft spot for Cotton Candy and Mika’s choice is Sweet Cream.

The Lip Smacker Balms are just $3.99 each so you can try them all!

The Paul Frank Lip Smacker This Just Tin Collection comes in a fun collector’s tin which you will want to take everywhere.

lip smacker paul frank

Inside you will find a selection of 3 Lip Smackers, and you can switch them around as often as you like. There’s Worry Bear’s Honey Sweet, Julius’ Coconut Cream and Clancy’s Cotton Candy. You can get the collection for $12.99

Continuing with the tin theme are the Paul Frank Lip Smacker Lip Gloss Pots. These are 9.3 gram lip glosses which smell delicious and leave your lips feeling soft and luscious. Warning, application is addictive!

lip smacker paul frank

There are three flavours, all equally scrumptious – Clancy’s Cotton Candy, Chachi’s Fried Ice Cream and Julius’ Strawberry Banana. The Lip Gloss Pots have an RRP of $7.99

It doesn’t matter whether you remember Lip Smackers from your teens in what feels like forever ago, or are experiencing them for the first time, the new Paul Frank Lip Smackers will put a smile on your face.

Exclusive to Priceline stores.

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