Interview with Fiona Tuck – Skinstitut

Fiona Tuck is from Skinstitut, and is as a Holistic Skin expert and qualified in Nutritional Medicine. She is actively involved in product development and with so much buzz around this brand right now we thought it would be the perfect time to have a chat with her.

We hope you enjoy the following interview about all things Skinstitut:


Tell us a little bit about Skinstitut …

Skinstitut is an Australian owned and made brand, based on the premise that high quality effective skincare should be available to everyone. For that reason all of our products are at the affordable  price RRP $45. We use latest ingredient technology from around the globe combined with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to ensure effective formulations that really work to improve the condition and integrity of the skin.

What do you think has attributed to the success of the brand?

Transparency, honesty and education.

We are passionate about educating industry experts and consumers to expose  skincare myths in order to bring some  integrity back into the skincare industry. Too many people rely on miracle cures and false promises and as a  result they spend hundreds of dollars on ineffective, expensive skincare. Price point and fancy packaging has no direct reflection on the efficacy of the product formulation. Results are the best indicator of a good skincare brand. Our products really work, the positive feedback we receive from our clients on face book  is heart-warming. It is such a wonderful feeling to know we are making a difference to a person’s self-confidence by improving their skin.

What is the process of creating new products?

It can take months if not years to develop a new product. It all starts with an idea or concept and then the research begins to bring the concept to life. Our formulators attend world conferences to obtain latest ingredient technology information and we always develop a product taking into consideration the function and feel of the product and the desired effect on the skin. Many factors need to be taken into consideration such as the % of active ingredients, how ingredients work together, the protection and absorption of the ingredients and how the base formula need to be crafted to ensure maximum efficacy of ingredients with minimum skin irritation. We go so far as to import our retinol on dry ice to ensure we maintain the highest standards within the industry. We trial all our products on human skin as this is truly the only way we can monitor results and efficacy of the products.

What is the best seller from the range?

Glycolic scrub 14%, an intense  hydroxy acid and bead exfoliating product designed to decongest, brighten and renew the skin. It is my favourite product within the range.

What is your number one beauty tip?

Beauty starts from the inside out. A truly beautiful complexion is a combination of inner happiness, good health and good skincare.

Tell us about the snake venom ingredient, is it as scary as it sounds?

Not at all, no actual snakes or venom is used.  It is simply a peptide skincare ingredient. Peptides are used in skincare to act as cell communicators to minimise lines and wrinkles in the skin. The name synthetic snake venom came from the fact that there is a similar peptide fragment that is found in real snake venom.

I’d like to talk about one of your popular products, Laser Aid – what can you tell us about it and is it only suitable for laser or other hair removal too?

Laser Aid is an anti-inflammatory cooling gel designed to calm the skin and assist  the skin healing and repair process. It aids the removal of heat in the skin which therefore minimises the risk of skin trauma and or burns. Laser aid is perfect to use on any skin that is hot, red or inflamed such as post laser, post waxing, after sun exposure, post shaving for example. It is also fabulous to use as an acne calming treatment,and on bites, minor burns and stings. It is a must have product in any family house hold.

What is new or upcoming for Skinstitut? 

We are launching our 5 a day campaign and online digital skin analysis website tool in June. This is an exciting on line self-diagnosis consultation tool designed to help you find the 5 perfect skinstitut products for your skin.

What beauty products are you carting around in your handbag?

Skinstitut Repair balm to protect against dry winter hands and chapped lips. I always carry mineral make up and lipstick for quick touch ups during the day.

Where can we buy the range?

Professional skin and laser clinics and online suppliers. For a list of stockists visit

What does being a woman mean to you?

Power, glamour, intelligence and femininity. I believe women really can do and have it all.

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