Heidi Klum (almost) Nude for ASTOR Cosmetics

People are talking about Heidi Klum posing nude again, but to me it shows a great example of what makeup can do and I’m not that concerned about the fact that she is in her birthday suit.

Besides, after having four children she must have worked very hard to get her figure back so why not show it off in a beautiful and tasteful way?!

heidi klum makeup body

This photoshoot was for Astor Cosmetics, and the reason was to offer a celebration of colours and the colour blocking trend (and because it was their birthday!).

While you may not be ready for full body makeup just yet, you can mimic the look with bright shades on your eyes and daring nail colours that pop!

Visit Astor for more information and behind the scenes footage: www.astorcosmetics.com

 What do you think of this image? Do you love it?

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