Grown Hand Wash

Normally when you purchase a hand wash you don’t pay attention to the packaging – but I did take notice when I first saw the hand wash from Grown. It comes in a box and the plastic pump bottle is dark brown making it a little different, while giving you a hint of the natural, earthy scent waiting inside.

This Sweet Orange, Cedarwood and Sage hand wash has a definite aromatherapy scent to it which I love and it does smell unisex – not too masculine but not soft and pretty either. This leaves your hands feeling clean, but not dry – even without the addition of traditional chemical ingredients or synthetics.


It is a little pricier than your supermarket brand, but in addition to looking lovely it has the advantage of being gentle on hands and gentle on the planet. The title of the product says it all really – Hand Wash: Softening Cleaning Gel.

Grown is a natural brand that is becoming popular as they use certified organic ingredients and are earth friendly. This product is Australian Made.

The Grown Handwash in Sweet Orange, Cedarwood and Sage has an RRP of $29.00 /

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