evodia A Pretty Pair Gift Set

evodia have your Christmas gifts covered with a range of cute packaged sets, available for a limited time. On the top of our list is the “A Pretty Pair” duo which comes packaged in a bonbon style box.

The products are Australian made, and inside you will find:

  • 1 x Fragrance Roll-on – 15ml
  • 1 x Hand Cream – 50ml

This pair will leave your hands feeling soft and your body lightly fragranced. It comes in two varieties with Coconut and Lime (fresh for summer) or Victoria Rose (a more classic fragrance).

What we love about this gift is that it is perfect for those Secret Santa events. It is affordable enough at $19.95 while still offering some pampering luxury to the recipient. Isn’t this just the cutest bonbon you have seen?! It is also worth noting that we are big fans of the hand cream, it is hydrating without leaving your skin feeling greasy.

evodia is a cruelty-free brand.

For more information or to purchase this or any other Christmas gift, visit www.evodia.com.au

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4 thoughts on “evodia A Pretty Pair Gift Set

  1. I only own one roll on fragrance which I absolutely love because it’s easy for me to apply exactly where I want it! Unfortunately I ran out yesterday and I’m really sad. Today, I saw this article and thought that the Coconut and Lime perfume sounded fresh and cool for summer. When I went to check what brand my old perfume was I saw that it was also an Evodia fragrance called Vanilla Addict. Knowing how lovely that perfume was, I will definitely go out and buy the Coconut and Lime fragrance as a gift to myself to put under the Christmas tree

  2. I’m very impressed that Beauty and Lace don’t compromise their own beliefs for purely advertising grab. All the products you endorse are ethically based and cruelty free. Most, if not all, are natural products and made in Australia.
    Everything I’ve seen on this site I would be happy to buy for myself or as a gift.

  3. Oh gosh…..my daughter and I would fight over this one….she loves coconut and i love citrus.
    Evodias rollerball perfumes are wonderful if you are travelling overseas. They are a great size to slip into your liquid carry on and you can easily just roll on some perfume when you reach the other end before you disembark the plane.

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