Ella Bache Great Sunguard SPF 50+ Foundation

With SPF 50+ sunscreens now commonly used, it is good news that you can get your makeup coverage and protection too with Ella Bache’s Great Sunguard 50+ Foundations.

These multipurpose sunscreens contain titanium dioxide and zinc oxide for all skin types. Those who don’t want to stand out will prefer these skin matching shades to the fluoro “zincs” of the past.

These is a choice of coverage options with opaque to maximum coverage depending on how you feel about your summer skin.


There are four colours to choose from which are Cream Beige, Light Beige, Medium Beige and Dark Beige. Expect these to feel a little thicker while applying compared to your regular foundation – but remember they are high protection sunscreens so very much worth using.

There is no excuse not to protect your face this summer, you don’t have to choose between a sunscreen and a foundation…you can have both with minimum effort.

RRP $46.00 / 30ml

Available from Ella Bache salons and David Jones / 1800 789 234

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