Cancer Council Sunscreen Ezi Clip Tubes

We all know we need to wear sunscreen, but reapplying throughout the day can be an issue if you are out and about. The Cancer Council have an innovative range of ezi clip tube sunscreens which can be attached to your handbag, clothing or even the pusher if you have young children.

This is a clever and convenient idea and the tubes are a small 50ml which mean they won’t weigh you down. The ezi clip sunscreens come in a range of different varieties, but for general purpose there is the Everyday Sunscreen.

ezi clip sunscreen

In an orange and yellow tube, this will give you SPF 30+ protection and up to two hours of water resistance. The consistency is quite thin so it feels light on your skin, there is no greasiness or stickiness.

The Ezi Clip Tubes from the Cancer Council have an RRP of $9.95.

Cancer Council sun protection products are available from Cancer Council shops, many leading retailers and pharmacies nationwide and online at Information about the product range is also available by calling 1300 363 433.


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