BEAUTY TRIAL: Skin Virtue Future Advanced Firming Mask

You will instantly feel the hydration return to your skin after using Skin Virtue’s Future Advanced Firming Mask, one of the brand’s hero products.

Skin Virtue is Australia’s leading cosmeceutical skincare brand, renowned for its commitment to scientific innovation and formulation excellence.

Founded on a commitment to deliver advanced solutions, Skin Virtue understands the evolving needs of your skin. This highly concentrated, rehydrating, and smoothing mask is a revelation, addressing skin thinning and loss of elasticity.

Crafted with innovation in mind, this lifting and firming mask delivers instant and enduring hydration, reducing the appearance of crepey-looking skin.

It can be applied to the face, neck, and décolleté. For an added indulgence, it doubles as a luxurious hand cream and an overnight mask for those seeking a comprehensive skincare experience.

Key ingredients for maximum impact:

  • Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7: A powerful peptide that restores and firms the skin, combating the signs of ageing.
  • Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1 Complex: A comprehensive anti-ageing and skin-restoring peptide for optimal care.
  • Glycine Soja Protein: A botanical extract with anti-ageing, skin-soothing, and replenishing properties.
  • Superoxide Dismutase: A biotechnological enzyme offering anti-ageing, soothing, and antioxidant benefits.
  • Methylsilanol Mannuronate: A global anti-ageing ingredient with emollient and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Saccharide Isomerate: A botanical extract providing emollient, moisturising, and replenishing benefits.
  • Shea Butter: A nourishing botanical extract with emollient and antioxidant properties.
  • Sweet Almond Oil: A botanical extract known for its moisturising and emollient qualities.
  • Vitamin E: An antioxidant vitamin offering humectant, emollient, and soothing effects.
  • Panthenol: A vitamin with moisturising, humectant, and soothing attributes.
  • Vitamin A: A vitamin renowned for its skin-restoring, regenerating, and antioxidant properties.

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A selection of our Beauty and Lace club members have been testing this product. You can read their feedback below, or add your own review.

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48 thoughts on “BEAUTY TRIAL: Skin Virtue Future Advanced Firming Mask

  1. I am a bit of a skin care junky, and every day thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate in some form, apply a serum, and nourish with a good clinical moisturiser.
    Of all the Skin Virtue products, this would have to be my favourite!.
    It glides on to the skin, and you can instantly feel the soothing and smoothing.
    This is a creamy mask, which is comfortable to have on the skin. No redness, tingling or irritation at all.
    I have used it as a 20 min mask, as well as overnight as per the instructions.
    When removing with cool water and a skin pad, my face and neck felt incredibly soft and nourished, and so well hydrated. I applied a light amount of my normal moisturiser and that was all I needed.
    12 hours later, my skin still felt wonderfully hydrated and soft.
    Full of peptides, botanicals and vitamins, all proven to calm, soothe and firm the skin.
    Absoutely beautiful product.
    Thank you Skin Virtue and Beauty & lace for the trial of this fabulous mask. I can honestly say, this will replace 2 others I use, as I feel it will do more for my skin, than they do combined.

  2. The Skin Virtue Future Advanced Firming Mask is rich and luxuriant, and gives your skin a definite radiance boost.

    I have used it once or twice a week to give my skin a quick pick-me up. I apply a thin layer over my face and neck after cleaning my skin, leave for a few minutes, whilst I clean my teeth, and then rinse off. It feels very rich and creamy, and I have enjoyed the hydrating effect, but decided it was not necessary to leave it on as an overnight mask (which is another option). My skin felt soft and refreshed enough not to need anything extra.

    I did however use it on my neck and décolletage area and was particularly impressed by its effect – very moisturizing and smoothing. I also tried it on my hands, after gardening, and found it similarly soothing and lovely.

    After trying several Skin Virtue products now, I can safely say they are definitely one of my new favourite brands!

  3. Skin Virtue’s Future Advanced Firming Mask has pure and powerful active ingredients that work to address various skin concerns with the benefits of rehydrating and smoothing to help reduce the appearance of skin thinning and loss of elasticity.

    Over the course of using the mask weekly I also tried it as an overnight treatment. Most masks are meant to be worn for a brief period of time and then washed off, but being able to use this as a sleeping mask is a bonus. The results of my skin in the morning were amazing. It gave long-lasting hydration while I slept and a lifting, and firming effect when I woke.

    I really enjoyed using this mask; it is easy to apply and wash off making it a low-maintenance addition to any skincare routine. I adore the texture; it is creamy and moisturising but not so much that it feels heavy or oily. It is gentle on the skin with no experience of irritation or redness.

    When using beauty products at home I want to feel like I am at a spa, Skin Virtue’s Future Advanced Firming Mask did just that, it is truly a luxurious product that gives an elevated user experience and delivers impressive results.

    If you are looking for skin radiance that targets the visible signs of skin ageing and crepey-looking skin then look no further, this product is for you. I highly recommend.

    Thank you, Beauty & Lace and Skin Virtue, for the opportunity to test and review.

  4. A lovely mask that has a soft but lovely smell to it. A bit thicker than your average moisturizer, it feels nice on my skin and left it feeling smooth and hydrated once absorbed. I expected to feel like I was wearing a thicker product as it is a mask, but it did not feel that way at all. There was no after effect such as redness or breakouts.

    I now use this as my night time mask after showering. Ive also applied it before putting on my BB cream with sunscreen and once absorbed, it was not too much. I would recommend this product for any application.

  5. Thank you so much beauty and lace and Skin Virtue for letting me try this mask.
    Another big tick for Skin Virtue.
    My skin felt so soft and it stayed that way instead of drying out after 2 days.
    It smells nice and is easy to apply.
    There are so many good ingredients in the mask so I felt really good about trying it.
    I highly recommend trying this mask. It will not disappoint.

  6. Skin Virtue Future Advanced Firming Mask
    Thankyou so much for let me try this beautiful firming mask .
    My skin felt lovely soft and hydrated I put mine on in the evening before bed and left it on all night and washed it off in a shower the next morning.
    Easy to apply and a nice pleasant smell I also used it on my neck and hands as it says it firms and smooths .
    My skin feels lovely and hydrated my dry spots have all but gone .
    I will continue to use every other day and hopefully see even more pleasing results .
    Thankyou Beauty and Lace for the chance to try this remarkable face mask cream .
    10 out of 10 from my ageing skin .

  7. Skin Virtue’s Future Advanced Firming Mask is a mask to use after cleansing or as an overnight mask.

    I have used it in the shower after cleansing and have noticed the following. It is a thicker cream that I am used to, but doesn’t feel heavy on my skin nor was there any irritation or other issues. It is actually a light additional moisturiser that I have left on a bit longer. It has a nice, gentle scent that lasts as well as the cream. It has toned down my skin and left it feeling even better than usual. The ingredients all work well together. Looking forward to more use for further benefits.

  8. I am in love with another great product from Skin Virtue, the Skin Virtue’s Future Advanced Firming Mask is a just devine, itis soft, smells so pretty and makes my skin so dewy fresh! I have used as both an overnight mask for the deep down moisturizing refresh we all need every now and then and the 20 min wash off/mask option. I love that it is quite a full bodied cream that does not feel like it is heavy. I am an overnight fan, it has made my skin so soft and I have noticed the fine lines around my eyes are less obvious so this is a definite winner for me.

    Thank you so much Skin Virtue and Beauty and Lace for letting my try another one of your marvelous products! I am now secretly waiting for Skin Virtue to develop an under eye cream to reduce bags and then I will have a full beauty routine/regime in my bathroom!

  9. This is such a lovely mask, and so easy to use. It doesn’t feel thick or heavy, just smooth on a thin layer and leave for 15 minutes. While you wait, it doesn’t tighten or tingle or dry on the skin, it just feels really nice, like a good moisturiser. I have sensitive mature skin, so that was a relief.

    When removed my skin felt very refreshed and soft. In fact the effect was so nice I was pleasantly surprised. The easy way to use the mask and the easy removal are plus points, and will encourage anyone to use it again and again.

    It truly is a wonderful skin care product, and many thanks to Skin Virtue and Beauty & Lace for the trial. I am a firm Skin Virtue convert now!

  10. I recently tried the Skin Virtue Future Advanced Firming Mask, and it’s fantastic. The mask has a light fresh scent and feels smooth on the skin, leaving it hydrated without any heaviness. It’s easy to apply, and the results are noticeable—my skin feels softer and more hydrated, gone are the dry spots! Definitely something I will add into my beauty routine. Thank you, for the opportunity to try this great product.

  11. Skin Virtue Future Advanced Firming Mask left my skin feeling so soft and smooth! It has a very subtle scent, not overpowering, which is how I like my skincare.

    The packaging also gives that luxe, day spa vibe , with classic white.

    I love how Skin Virtue doesn’t use all the hidden nasties you find in other brands & it agrees with my sensitive skin, so that’s a win!

    Would buy again & recommend to friends.

  12. Thank you Beauty and Lace and skin Virtue for the opportunity to trial Skin Virtue Future Advanced Firming Mask.
    I used this product following my skin cleansing routine. I used it as an overnight mask and felt that it improved the quality, feel and look of my skin.
    The scent was light and refreshing, not too overpowering and unlike some skin products did not effect my skin.
    I enjoyed the look of the packaging and its clean appearance, the feel of the moisturiser as I applied it and how it left my skin glowing from hydration.

  13. Skin Virtue Future Advanced Firming Mask

    Loved the Skin Virtue exfoliating scrub and mask and the Pure Nourish Hydrating Solution so was really excited to trial the Skin Virtue Future Advanced Firming Mask. This mask is more than just a mask it is a beautifully thick silky moisturiser that feels so nice on your skin. Yes you are meant to use it as a mask and wash off after a period of time but I found I loved it so much I was using it as a night time moisturiser. It has made my skin so soft and I can visibly notice the difference in the texture of my skin and the fine lines around my eyes. This is definitely going to be part of my skin care regime for the future.
    Thank you Beauty and Lace and Skin Virtue a winning product!

  14. As soon as the Skin Virtue arrived, I tried it straight away and loved it after first use. A beautiful very lightweight soft cream that I applied on my cleansed face. You only need a small amount to apply to your face and I also did my neck and decollete.

    After application, I just walked around the house doing little jobs for 15 minutes and when the time was up, I tissued off the cream and then rinsed off with warm water.

    I found my skin looked so soft and vibrantly smooth just after the first use. I have been using it on my face and neck every 2-3 days especially with the humidity where I am.

    What I love there are no nasties of added parabens, mineral oils, artificial colorants.

    The fragrance is very soft so won’t upset sensitive noses.

    The leaflet that came with the mask says you can leave it on as an overnight treatment mask which I didn’t try as I have to be careful with creams on my face as they can cause ear infections so I didn’t want to test that out but you are able to apply to your hands so this is what I did as my overnight treatment. There is no greasy or stickiness either once it absorbs into your skin.

    I am absolutely impressed with the results on hands though as they feel so soft and nourishingly smooth as well.

    This is such a beautiful luxurious very lightweight cream to apply on your skin. It feels fabulous and my skin is actually glowing and looks healthy. Very impressed.

    Thank you Beauty & Lace & Skin Virtue for sending me this trial.

  15. The Skin Virtue mask is a lovely feeling cream. You can feel it doing your skin good and leaves it feeling smooth ad soft. It’s not greasy or oily and doesn’t rub off onto your clothes.

    The cream is great on your hands as well, leaving them soft. It’s made a big difference to my dry skin on my face and hands.

    I might try it as a body cream as well.

    Thank you for allowing me to try it.

  16. This was lovely to try and compliments the previous two trials really well. When I use this mask ( and the wash and the toner) I really feel as though I have treated myself and my skin! I feel fresh and revitalised, it isn’t heavy on skin like many masks are, and skin feels soft and supple after using.
    The product looks and feels high end and I am more than happy to include it in my skincare routine!

    1. After being laid out with Covid for 2 weeks, my skin definitely needed a pick me up! After using the Skin Virtue Cleanser I decided to use this as the overnight mask and boy was I glad I did. The next morning my skin felt refreshed and had lost most of the dullness that had occurred due to covid. My skin felt supple and smooth, have yet to try it as a 15 minute mask as I am loving the results of using overnight. 5 out of 5 stars

  17. I have really enjoyed using this firming mask as part of my nightly skin care routine. You can use it as a sleep mask and leave it on overnight which is what I chose to do.

    I applied it at night after my retinol and left it in. The product absorbed nicely into my skin, and didn’t leave me feeling oily or like my pores were clogged like some moisturising products can do. It wasn’t heavily scented and felt so light on my skin once applied.

    I don’t have lines on my face so I can’t speak on if it made a difference in the appearance and firmness.

    I will continue to use this as apart of my routine. I love how it doesn’t feel heavy and that’s the biggest thing for me when using products for night time routines. It’s been about a month of daily use and my skin feels so hydrated.

    Thank you to beauty and lace for allowing me to review

  18. Thank you Beauty and Lace for the offer to review the Skin Virtue Future Advanced Firming Mask.

    I have used it on my face, decolletage and hands. I used it on my face and decolletage having left it on for 15 minutes and found my skin was so supple and moisturised all day. I have dry skin and usually find by mid afternoon I need more moisturiser but not after using this mask. I also used it on my hands for the same amount of time and they felt incredibly soft and moisturised. I also used it overnight and the next day my skin felt amazing and was so soft. I have very dry skin at my temples and find after using the mask that it has made a huge difference in the hydration of my skin. It smells great and is very easy to apply with many great ingredients. I love all the Skin Virtue products I have tried and would highly recommend the mask as well.

  19. I really loved this mask, and was impressed by how quickly I saw results. After only one use I thought I saw a small improvement in the texture of my skin. I’ve now used it three times in the space of about two weeks. I can see and feel an improvement in the texture of my skin. It’s gently removed a few impurities and imperfections, and my skin feels noticeably smoother and a touch softer. It also feels well hydrated.

    I also tried it as an overnight mask, and although it was effective I thought it was not noticeably better than simply washing it off after 15-20 minutes.

    I was also lucky enough to still have other Skin Virtue products to hand, and it works nicely with them. You really feel that your skin is being looked after, and that they multiply the benefits of using just one product.

    This has made a noticeable difference to how my skin looks – it is great and I’ll definitely buy it again.

  20. I love this product. I apply at night as my moisturiser and leave on until the morning and it has made my skin feel amazing. i have even used it under my daytime makeup without washing it off as I work in an airconditioned office and my skin is left hydrated and plump all day, without it being greasy or too heavy. The fragrance is lovely and I highly recommend this mask for anyone with tired skin. Definitely on my shopping list and will try other Skin Virtue products now.

  21. I first used the product as a cleanser, applying a small amount at night over my face, neck and décolleté.

    After rinsing with warm water, my face felt clean, fresh and smooth. With a very light, clean fragrance, this was not overpowering at all.

    I also apply the product to my hands as a hand moisturiser. It felt so light to apply but was absorbed by my skin straight away, leaving my hands so soft and smooth.

    I am impressed with the Future Advanced Firming Mask with its multi-uses! Thank you so much for the opportunity to review this product. I love it!

  22. Thankyou Beautyandlace and Skin Virtue for the opportunity to trial The Future Advanced Firming Mask.
    Part of the Skin Virtue range this comes in a white tube with black writing ( this is inside a look alike box) and contains 75ml which seems good value as a little goes a long way.
    It’s a very moisturising mask and targets the signs of premature aging.
    I applied it to my face and neck, just a thin layer is all that’s needed.
    Cleansing first, I leave the mask on 15 minutes per the instructions, before rinsing off.
    I have been using the Mask three times a week and from the first use I was very impressed. When I use the mask I notice a tightening of my skin and when rinsed off my skin feels very soft, hydrated and relaxed. It seems to feed my skin.
    The ingredients are uncomplicated. No added parabens, mineral oils, artificial colorants and with an Allergens free fragrance, this should suit most skin types.
    For me a 5 star product from a trusted brand formulated by experts in skincare.

  23. I LOVE the Skin Virtue skincare range and knew this firming mask would be divine; I was not disappointed! I’ve been using it three times a week and instantly noticed a more hydrated feel and glow to my skin. Two weeks in, my skin tone appears more even, my lines less visible and I just feel less …. Old-looking, I guess!
    It’s a simple mask to use, apply after the usual cleansing routine – leave for 15-20 minutes, remove excess with a tissue and then wash off.
    After reading the above reviews I’ll try leaving it on overnight, I was hesitant but now I’m excited to see the results!
    Thank you so much for this fantastic mask. I will be purchasing it again!

  24. I have skin that at times can be reactive. I am heading into my 60’s very soon but have pretty good skin for my age as I have always taken the best possible care of my skin.

    I loved how gentle on the skin the Skin Virtue Firming Mask is. This wasnt a surprise to me as i have been lucky enough to experience a couple of Skin Virtues other products so learnt from there that this is a brand that can be trusted with my skin. This mask is so kind and gentle that you can apply it and there is zero concerns if you lay down and fall asleep. In fact you can go to bed for the night and allow the mask to do its work. In the morning my skin was feeling sonderfully hydrated and looking well rested.
    I like the soft fragrance.
    My skin is over the moon happy with this product and to prove it my skin is glowing and looking more refreshed.

    Skin Virtue is a company with products that are worth introducing your skin to.

  25. What an amazing skin care product. Skin Virtue, Advanced Firming Mask calms my skin and leaves a soft glow. I wasn’t sure if anything can help my ageing skin especially around the neck and decolletage areas which tend to get crepey as we age. I was delighted to see a positive difference after a few applications. I must admit though that I used the product more as a moisturiser during the day and only used as a mask for a few nights. As with the previous Skin Virtue trial I also concentrated on my hands -with beneficial results.

  26. The Future Advanced Firming Mask is yet another gorgeous product from Skin Virtue that I have fallen for.
    The packaging once again looks slick and the cream itself was a slightly thicker consistency than my regular moisturiser and it also has the slightest ‘rose type’ scent that I really loved
    I applied a thick layer to my face, neck and décolletage after cleansing and found a lot of it actually absorbed in. It doesn’t even look like you have a mask on to be honest. After the 15 minutes I wiped the remaining cream off (there wasn’t much!) with a tissue and then rinsed with water as well. My skin! It felt so soft and supple, I was delighted! I then applied my night moisturiser and went to bed. In the morning, I was thrilled to see my face had not broken out overnight and I feel looked like the lines were definitely not as prominent. I have used this on a weekly basis and think my skin is looking much better for it. I love the fact this mask can also be used as a moisturiser for those with really dry skin and although I don’t need that on my face, I do rub it into my hands for a lovely little treat for them before I go to bed.
    Once again though, my only teeny gripe is just with the instructions. Do you apply the product to wet skin or dry skin? I checked on the Skin Virtue website (my go to for these questions) but this time it doesn’t tell you. I have assumed it is to be applied to dry skin and have used it that way.
    A huge thank you to Beauty and Lace & Skin Virtue for the opportunity to trial this mask out. I absolutely love it and so does my skin!

  27. The Skin Virtue Mask is just beautiful, it feels amazing to put on, a little bit goes a long way too!
    I just leave it on overnight, it makes my skin feel and look amazing!
    Works a treat on the back of my hands too!
    Thank you do much Skin Virtue and Beauty and Lace for the tube to try and review

  28. The Skin Virtue Firming Mask is a good little treat for my skin. I’ve kept it on my bedside table and apply it nightly to my hands, especially the back of my hands and any extra amount, I apply to my décolletage.
    It has a very mild lemon scent, and is pleasant and non greasy. A little amount is enough to gently massage into the skin. My skin felt soft and stayed that way until morning.

    It’s a lovely treat product and would be great as a gift for anyone who wants to look after their skin. Thank you for this trial opportunity.

  29. Absolutely loving the skin virtue products. I’m not usually a big person on beauty products but I have now trialled several from skin virtue and am so excited to use them. My face is looking so much clearer, firmer and has a glow I didn’t have before.
    Thank you so much beauty and lace and Skin Virtue for letting me try this mask.
    Another big tick for Skin Virtue.

  30. The Skin Virtue Firming Mask is an another great product. I love how soft and refreshed my skin felt after 1 use and it only got better the more I used it. I use it a couple of times a week to give my skin that refreshed and firmed feeling and could see a difference after using it. Thank you for another great product Skin Virtue and Beauty and Lace for allowing me to test this product it is an honour

  31. Thank you Beauty and Lace for the opportunity to review the Skin Virtue’s Future Advanced Firming Mask.
    This is another highly recommended product from an avid convert the Skin Virtue range.
    I have been trialling this mask after my usual cleansing routine, but also as an overnight mask. My preferred method is using the mask in the shower after my cleansing regime.
    Firstly, it has a pleasant, light scent which is not overpowering for those that are Migraineurs and adverse to overpowering scents.
    This is a mask that is not lightweight in texture (it is thicker) however it does not feel heavy on the skin. It is easy to apply a thin layer and a little goes a long way despite it being a bit thicker and full bodied in texture. I have noticed my skin is incredibly hydrated and dewy with no irritation, particularly when left overnight.
    I have noticed that since using the mask on my face, neck and décolletage a few times a week, I have seen the results of added hydration in my skin and have only moisturised as needed, whereas I usually moisturise daily. The clean, no fuss look of the product packaging make a lovely addition to any counters or make-up tables.
    Yet again, I am so impressed with the Skin Virtue range! I cannot recommend it highly enough and my skin has never looked better!

  32. Thanks to Beauty and Lace and Skin Virtue for the opportunity to trial Skin Virtue’s Future Advanced Firming Mask.

    I love an anti-ageing product but I’m not loving getting older and my skin looking a bit dehydrated and dull. I have to say this is another wonderful product from Skin Virtue. The mask is easy to use and very moisturising made my skin feel very smooth and looking refreshed. After using it a few times I think it is definitely helping with signs of ageing on my neck with my skin looking firmer and more nourished.

    The mask has a lovely fragrance and is a nice consistency a little bit thicker then say a moisturiser but not so thick that it felt like it was over coating the skin. I used it as a mask on my skin for 20 minutes and then removed it but I’ve also tried it as an overnight mask. Both left my skin looking lovely and refreshed with my skin looking definitely healthier and my skin texture improved.

    Overall, I would highly recommend this product to anybody who needs a bit of love for their face, neck and décolleté. Thanks once again for this opportunity.

  33. After using couple of skin virtue products, I was very excited to try this mask and it surely didn’t disappoint.

    It comes in a very handy tube and its texture is very smooth and thick but not so thick that I can’t leave it on overnight.

    The instructions say to put it in for 15 minutes after cleansing then wash it off with water or it can be left overnight as well. I used it both ways and I loved the way my skin felt after using this firming mask.

    It left my skin feeling extremely soft and hydrated, this mask is very different to any other mask I have used before. There was no tingling or tightening and it was just very comfortable to put on.

    I will definitely be buying it again.

  34. I loved this product … in fact all of the Skin Virtue products have been fabulous! This is my favourite so far. It has a beautiful texture and fragrance, and leaves the skin feeling so soft and moisturised. Love it and will definitely buy it again.

  35. No words – this is my fav product ever!! You can feel this working immediately your skin feels so hydrated. I have raved about it to everyone and I have used it on my hands also and they look amazing. I have started to transition over to using all Skin Virtue products and Nina (Skin Virtue’s Founder) has put together a bespoke routine for my skin. Highly recommend these products – I have trialed all three and the products speak for themselves.

  36. Thank you, Skin Virtue and Beauty & Lace, for allowing me to be part of the Skin Virtue’s Future Advanced Firming Mask trial. It is another beautiful, rich, creamy product that is easy to apply and leaves my skin feeling plump and smooth. I have used it as an overnight cream, waking in the morning to soft skin, ready for another day with no signs of irritation.
    I am thrilled to recommend this product as part of a good beauty routine.

  37. I have used this product for the last 2 weeks, twice a week as a 15 minute mask and twice as an overnight mask. Also have used on my hands twice a week.
    Smoothing the mask onto my skin was very easy, it glided on, did not feel greasy and I wiped the excess off before rinsing. My skin was left feeling wonderful, fresh and hydrated. Using this as a hand cream equals another brands 20 years younger product.
    Out of the 3 Skin Virtue Products I have now trialed, this is my favourite and I will be purchasing more as I need too.
    Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Skin Virtue for allowing me to trial this gorgeous product!

  38. I very much appreciated the opportunity to trial the Skin Virtue Future Advanced Firming Mask.
    This is another fabulous Skin Virture product and is so versatile ! I have used it as an overnight mask on my face, neck and decolletage areas and as a regular mask. It is smooth and light on the skin, not heavy like other masks I’ve used, but packs a punch with its ability to moisturise dry skin. It really does have a smoothing effect too and my skin feels lovely after use and looks glowy and well moisturised.
    I love that it uses active ingredients and being vegan friendly is a bonus.
    I have continued to use the Pure Exfoliating Mask as a part of my regular skin care routine as I loved that product also and will now be adding the Future Advanced Firming Mask and alternating them both.
    Thank you Skin Virture and Beauty and Lace for including me in this product trial, I love it and highly recommend to anyone who wants to look after their skin.

  39. Love, love, love the Skin Virtue Future Advanced Firming Mask. It’s like a little tube of luxurious pampering readily available in my bathroom! It certainly makes my skin feel younger, smoother and more luminous every time I use it. Love the flexibility of use and that it is Australian and vegan friendly also! It has become a staple in my new improved skincare routine and I am spreading the word to my friends and family. Thanks so much to Beauty and Lace and Skin Virtue for the introduction to this top class product and the opportunity to change my (skincare) world!

  40. This is a great product like the others from this brand I have used, and is an excellent hydrating product for the face. It feels lightweight to wear as a mask but I found there was no excess to remove with a cotton pad afterwards and just rinsed it off. Immediately after my face feels very hydrated and moisturised, and has a healthy glow. The fragrance is light but is slightly irritating when applying but I found it didn’t bother me too much during the period I wore the mask but it could be too strong for someone extra sensitive to fragrance. As you can leave this on overnight, it’s a great option for those short on time who may not be able to do a face mask, to treat their skin.

  41. I have been lucky enough to be able to trial a number of the Skin Virtue products and they are all wonderful. The Future Advanced Firming Mask is no exception.

    The mask is easy to use and very moisturising, it is a little thicker product compared to any masks I have previously used. I have used it on my face, neck and hands. It can be used as a regular mask or you can leave it on overnight as a treatment mask, either way works well and leaves skin refreshed.

    When used on my hands which can tend to get very dry it left them feeling very smooth. The cream has a lovely texture and a very light fragrance which suited me, but others still may find it a little overpowering if sensitive to fragrances.

    Thanks for the opportunity to trial another Skin Virtue product.

  42. Thank you for the opportunity to try the Future Advanced Firming Mask from Skin Virtue, I loved it!

    The mask is a softly scented, deeply hydrating treatment that left my skin supple and glowing.

    I tried the mask as both a 15 minute and an overnight treatment and while both were fantastic, the overnight treatment definitely provided better results.

    My décolletage, an area I tend to overlook, showed amazing results after just one application and now it’s getting regular pampering, is looking fresher and my v neck tops are back on rotation.

    This is another win from Skin Virtue!!!

  43. Many thanks to Beauty and Lace and Skin Virtue for my chance to try another of their great products.

    I did both the 15 minute mask and I also left it on overnight and the results were amazing. Hours after using it I touched my face and it was just so soft and smooth. I was thoroughly impressed.

    This is the fourth Skin Virtue product I have used and I love all of them. I highly recommend giving them a try as they seem to work on any skin type. They contain great ingredients and give amazing results.

  44. Such a beautiful and delicate formula that was light and so nourishing on my face and neck.
    I am really pleased with my results as my skin was softer and it replenished all my dryer and tired looking areas very quickly.
    Thankyou so much fo this Skin Virtue Mask as I have highly recommended it to my family and friends already!

  45. I’ve tried a few Skin Virtue products, but this Future Advance Firming Mask is the absolute winner. I did use it as a mask a couple of times, but my favourite way to use it is to put it on the back of my hands and my face and leave it on overnight. Waking up the next morning, my skin is so plump, soft and glowy and just feels so beautiful. My hands are the same too and don’t look like the wrinkly old prunes they usually are. I’m so impressed and will keep using it. The lovely ingredients in it are an absolute bonus. Thank you Beauty and Lace for letting me be a part of this trial and an especially big thank you to Skin Virtue who sent me another tube when my first one got lost in the mail (it still hasn’t showed up either).

  46. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t take care of my skin like I should. Where I live has very rough bore water which not only damages my hair but leaves my skin extremely dry.

    First impressions of the Firming Mask are that I love how creamy it is and how beautiful it feels on my skin! I used it overnight on my face and the backs of my hands (childcare worker with damaged hands) and OMG I felt like a new woman! My skin honestly looked and felt perkier! I had so many people asking me what makeup I was wearing!

    Thank you for the opportunity to review, I highly recommend!

  47. Thank you so much and Beauty and Lace and Nina, for your assistance in tracking down my Skin Virtue Future Advanced Firming Mask, it was definitely worth the wait.

    Skin Virtue Future Advanced Firming Mask is a game-changer, not only does a little go a long way,
    it glides on smoothly and effortlessly, it rehydrates, and has a subtle fragrance.

    I use this product nightly, including smoothing excess over the back of my hands before retiring.
    I rinse it off in the morning, during my shower leaving my face, and neck, feeling refreshed.

    Skin Virtue Future Advanced Firming Mask is the jewel in the crown of the entire Skin Virtue range, the ease of use, the versatility, this product is a one-stop-shop.

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