Ask an Expert: How to Get the Perfect Tan at Home (St. Tropez)

Tanning at home can be confusing, and maybe even a little daunting as the last thing you want is a blotchy or orange body for your big night out. St. Tropez are well known for their high quality at home tanning products, so we decided to go straight to the experts to answer all those tricky questions for you.

Today we have St.Tropez’s Skin Finishing Expert, Jules Heptonstall (pictured) here for this DIY tan Q&A:

Lotions, Mousses, Sprays, Gradual Tanning, it can all be a little overwhelming – for those who are new to at home tanning what is the best place to start?

For virgin tanners a St.Tropez Gradual Tan is a great place to start or St.Tropez Instant Tan. Using a gradual tanner which is ultimately a moisturiser with tan is the best place to start as you are not changing your routine, there will be less chance of mistakes and it’s a great way to build confidence and get used to products and a colour that’s suits you.

What do we need to do to prepare for the perfect tan?

You should always ensure you have removed any tan left over from your last application. You can do this by ensuring an even fade and removing tan with a gentle body polish on the fourth or fifth day of the tan. If you have any large amount of build-up, use a luxe bath oil into your bath. As you soak the oil softens the tan. Ensure you have an even top layer of your skin by using a gentle body polish the night before to remove any dead skin cells. Pay special attention to those dry areas – so hands, elbows, knees and feet to ensure no tell-tale signs.

Jules Heptonstall

What is your number one tip for perfect at home application?

Always add a light layer of moisturiser to your hands, elbows, knees and feet to stop any tan from sticking to places.

Is it best to use a tanning mitt?

Always apply using an applicator mitt. This ensures an even, streak free finish without leaving the palms of your hands deeply golden. When tanning your hands and feet, don’t add any additional product to the tanning mitt – just use the residue from the body application, this will be enough.

What is the best way to tan your face?

When tanning the face, soften the products’ consistency by mixing with an aloe vera based moisturiser on the applicator mitt beforehand.

Blondes – Always ensure you add a gentle amount of moisturiser on your hairline and eyebrows prior to tanning as blonde hair can absorb tan much more than other shades.

Red Heads – Don’t think that because you’re a redhead means you can’t tan. You can! Choosing a gentle tanning product will give you a soft and natural looking glow.

Brunettes – Keep it natural – be careful of over applying. A tan can look extremely false as the shade of tan colour can be emphasised more with dark hair and eyebrows.

What do we do about the hands?!

When tanning your hands, don’t add any additional product to the tanning mitt – just use the residue from the body application, this will be enough TRUST ME.

How can we prolong the length of our fake tan?

The trick to tanning is moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. Use an Aloe Vera based moisturiser every day after you have showered off your guide colour to keep the tan hydrated and ensure an even fade. As the tan fades, if you’re worried about losing colour I recommend using a Wash Off Mousse, so you still have colour but you’re allowing your Self Tan to fade underneath, meaning that your skin will be ready for your next Self Tan application.

When your tan starts to wear off and look blotchy, what is the best way to remove it?

Don’t panic scrub – you’ll end up taking the self-tan off in patches and it’ll become a snowballing effect. Use the St.Tropez Body Polish mixed with a very small amount of bath or massage oil to encourage an even fade all over, it’s better to repeat this stage a few times all over than do one strong scrub in one place. You can also run a bath and fill it with a bath oil and soak your skin – the oil will soften the tan. Take St. Tropez Tan Remover Mitt and work in circular motions around your body to encourage the tan to fade.

Why is it important to fake it rather than rely on the sun or a solarium for a golden summer body?

Using self-tan is the safest way of achieving that natural looking glow – avoiding the ageing UVA, UVB and Infrared Rays from the sun.

How long should we wait before getting dressed after application?

Allow to dry for approximately 5 minutes (or until touch dry), before getting dressed. After tanning wear lose, dark clothing.

What is the best selling St Tropez product?

Our best-selling tan is the St.Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse.​


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